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Preventing Suicide with AI

Sentinet is committed to using advanced LLM analytics as a preventive measure against suicide. By examining social media interactions, our innovative, open source AI model identifies signs of suicidal tendencies, enabling early detection and timely support.

How We Help

    Suicide Prevention Model

Our AI model uses advanced analytics to detect signs of suicidal tendencies in social media interactions to further provide aid.


We are conducting research into patterns shown in online posts containing suicidal ideation to advance the field of suicide prevention.


We provide free custom Twitter/X and Facebook datasets for non-commercial use and academic research purposes.




people die by suicide each year


of U.S. population considered committing suicide

5 times

as likely for LGBT persons to commit suicide compared to their peers



Our Mission

Sentinet is a team focused on understanding social media interactions through the lens of compassion and empathy. Utilizing a specialized large language model, we analyze social media posts and comments for signs of suicidal thoughts or tendencies.


Our goal is simple: to provide early detection and connect those in need with support. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we believe in the potential of technology to assist in human understanding and care.

As of right now, our system is flagging more than 400 posts containing suicidal ideation everyday. We are planning to increase this number multifold.

Soft light white abstract stage in elegant futuristic geometric style with simple lines an



Yusuf Efe

Yasin Dus

Georgiy Nefedov


Datasets & API

At Sentinet, we understand the importance of data in driving cutting-edge research. That's why we offer free access to our curated Twitter datasets for academic research. 

All our datasets comply with privacy laws, ensuring responsible and ethical usage.

 Additionally, we provide API access to our model, facilitating more tailored research and development.


To access, fill out our contact form and we'll reach out to you.


Thank You!

Or contact by email:

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