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If you're interested in any of the positions below and have an interest in our project, please contact us at

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Machine Learning Engineer

We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer with a focus on developing NLP systems tailored for dynamic social media environments, such as TikTok and Instagram. The role involves developing and fine-tuning NLP models that are capable of detecting and interpreting expressions of suicidal ideation within video content. Your work will be critical in accurately converting video-audio to text and analyzing it for sensitive content. Familiarity with Python and deep learning frameworks is essential.

Technical Stack:

  • Python for scripting and automation.

  • TensorFlow for model development and training.

  • Experience with NLP libraries such as NLTK or SpaCy for extracting and processing textual features from transcribed content.

  • Proficiency in audio processing and speech recognition technologies to support accurate video-to-text conversions.

  • Knowledge of version control systems, such as Git, for code management.

Data Analyst

Looking for a Data Analyst with a methodical approach to pattern detection in large-scale social media data. Your primary focus will be to analyze content from TikTok, identifying and interpreting patterns related to suicidal ideation. This role requires a detail-oriented mindset and a strong background in text analytics.

Technical Stack:

  • Competency in R for data manipulation and analysis.

  • Experience with NLP tools for semantic and sentiment analysis.

  • Familiarity with statistical methods and machine learning algorithms for pattern recognition.

  • Strong skills in data visualization and reporting insights.

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Our organization is calling for volunteers passionate about making a difference on social media platforms. We need support in validating the accuracy of our AI model designed to identify potential signs of suicidal ideation in online content, primarily on TikTok. As a volunteer, you will review and verify the relevance and sensitivity of content flagged by our AI, playing a crucial role in our effort to provide early intervention and support for individuals in need.

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